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Looking for advice on TSW

 投稿者:Ms Wong  投稿日:2018年 7月 9日(月)14時17分2秒
  通報 返信・引用
  Dear Dr Sato,

I am from Hong Kong. I had eczema since I was a baby and I had used almost 30 years of topical steroid and around half a year of protopic. I have stopped topical steroid since mid December 2017 and stopped oral steroid since 22 Jun 2018 (not for eczema but for some other condition). I am currently undergoing NMT as described by Tokuko San on her website. There are some other details of my condition which I would like to describe to you in private (either as a consultation in Japan or via email). Please kindly reply me via this email guess2588@gmail.com to advice me on what I should do next. I highly respect and admire what you have done for TSW patients in Japan. Thank you!

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