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  A-1 When will customers be able to buy the Transition?
1. It will take many years before the Transition is available for purchase.
2. The maker of the Transition hopes to deliver it to customers before the end of 2011.
3. The company, Terrafugia, has recently delivered its first Transition car-plane to a customer.
A-2 What does the article say about the Transition's takeoff?
1. The Transition needs a runway for takeoff.
2. The Transition can take off almost anywhere.
3. The Transition is basically a car that will be able to take off when traffic on the roads is busy.
A-3 What kind of people does the company plan to sell the Transition to?
1. It is mainly intended for pilots of small planes.
2. The company is targeting passengers who regularly travel to airports.
3. The company is hoping to sell the car-plane to people who drive very long distances.
A-4 Which of the following is a major sales point of the Transition?
1. The hangar fees for the Transition are not expensive.
2. It is easy to park the Transition at most small airports.
3. It is possible to keep the car-plane at home in a normal garage.
A-5 What reason does the company give for claiming that the Transition is safe?
1. The Transition is not as heavy as most planes.
2. The car-plane will be able to fly at very high altitudes.
3. Pilots have the option of driving on the roads when the weather is bad.


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  A car that can fly sounds like something from a science fiction mov i e, but it might just become a
reality in the ve ry near future. The company Te rra f u gia says it plans to deliver its car- p l a n e, the
Transition, to customers by the end of 2011. It re c e n t ly cl e a red a major hurdle when the Fe d e ra l
Aviation Administration granted a special weight limit exemption to the Transition.
The Transition is a long way from cartoons with flying cars zooming above traffic. The car-plane has
wings that unfold for flying ? a process the company says takes one minute. The wings then fold back
up for driving. However, a runway is still required to take off and land.
The Transition is being marketed more as a plane that drives than a car that flies, although it is both.
The company has been working with the FAA to meet aircraft regulations. The company has also had
discussions with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about vehicle safety regulations.
The company is pitching the Transition to private pilots as a more convenient ? and cheaper ? way to
fly. They say it removes some of the difficulties of trying to find another mode of transportation to get to
and from airports: You drive the car to the airport and then you are ready to go. When you land, you fold
up the wings and hit the road. There are no expensive hangar fees because you don't have to store it at an
airport. You simply park the car-plane in the garage at home.
The plane is designed to fly pri m a ri ly under 10,000 feet (about 3,000 meters). It has a maximu m
takeoff weight of 650 kg, including fuel and passengers. Gas mileage on the road is about 13 kilometers
per liter. Terrafugia says the Transition reduces the potential for an accident by allowing pilots to drive
under bad weather instead of flying into difficult conditions.
The Transition's price tag: $194,000. But there may be additional ch a rges for options like a ra d i o ,
transponder or GPS. Another option is a full-plane parachute.


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